Unthinkable Question
Unthinkable Question.
As a company at the AI frontier working on its core research, large-scale AI model and digital humans, Kakao Brain contributes to the tech community and explores new service areas to improve value and quality of life.
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We develop technology from unthinkable questions and bring changes to everyone’s life.
Unthinkable question makes impactful answer.
The world-class experts are developing innovative technologies that are fundamental to solving all kinds of problems.
We explore business areas built on technology and make services to improve quality of life into a reality.
By opening and sharing technical know-how, Kakao Brain contributes to the AI community to create new values.
We make valuable changes in the world so that everyone can live a better life.
We seek to create an impact in the world with unthinkable ideas.
Open Research.
Create Novel Algorithm

We forecast the future in deep learning research and develop original algorithms to build the foundation for new challenges.

Develop Commercial-level Model

By conducting applied research and further scaling up the AI model size, we work towards completing digital humans and technologies required for our service development.

Open Studio.
Make Impact Product

Based on our own technology portfolio, we develop high value services that improve users’ quality of life.

Our Brand

We share with you the new journeys and stories that Kakao Brain krews are making with AI searching for unexpected answers to unthinkable questions.

Unthinkable Question

We are an AI-specialized company where specialists from different fields with various questions and thoughts gather and collide with each other’s ideas and know-how to create new possibilities and dialectic values.

With the leading AI technology and high value services, we are preparing for a world in which AI is naturally permeated into people’s lives, where everyone can benefit.

Our unique design captures flexible and diverse identities and reflects the essence of cycle, harmony, AI technology, development, and growth in meaning and visual aspects.

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