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We are given opportunities to grow together. Let’s look at how we work.
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We strive for better results by sharing.

The monopoly of information gives one too much power and creates a communication hierarchy which interferes with krew’s work autonomy. When information is shared, the work autonomy increases and contributes to collective intelligence. We use collaboration tools such as Notion, Slack, Google Workspace, and GitHub to allow everyone’s access and participation to share valuable information.

TIM Meeting
Every monday
Reveal & Share
The last Friday of every month

We work by self-directing and immersing ourselves.

We must be able to experiment and accept change faster than anyone else. We must always be looking to challenge ourselves with the new and to explore the uncharted while being unafraid of failure. The accomplishment not only includes success but also meaningful failure. We are often faced with situations where we must not skip over the obvious and keep asking questions to maximize our creativity. It foremost requires self-motivation to spot a problem and find a solution.

Why do we do what we do?

This is a number one question for Kakao Brain krews. We motivate ourselves.To lead, not to be led, by work, one should always be the first to think, question, and act. Our preferred way of work is to trust you to work on your own with the belief that you are the best judge of your work.

We promote
“horizontal communication”.

It means a culture in which everyone can freely express their opinions. Anyone can present their ideas in discussions regardless of their positions as if the organization is structured "horizontally". Also, everyone is welcome to talk directly to the CEO to discuss their concerns, and our company-wide forums are held at all times.

With Kakao Brain’s ‘horizontal communication’, ideas and opinions discussed can lead to a better decision.After inconclusive discussions, when the moment comes a 'decision' must be made, each designated decision-makers are to make the final call.

  • English Nickname
  • Horizontal Communication
  • Trust Conflict Dedication

We strive for greater autonomy with less rules.

We try to minimize regulations that typically follows with any organizational culture as if it is non-existent. We try to promote as much autonomy throughout the possible decision-making process by encouraging active discussions between Kakao Brain krews.

In other words, we create a system with the least number of rules. Kakao Brain’s tendency to make policy and rules naturally rather than artificially applies not only to work culture but also to employee benefits and perks.
  • Principle of 100:0
  • Minimum principle
  • The law of 1 cent
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