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Cyber Ethics Office Information

Kakao Brain’s Cyber Ethics Office is responsible for receiving reports or providing counseling concerning unfair actions by Kakao Brain executives and employees; unreasonable demands such as money or service; improper use or abuse of company assets; improper investment in business partners; divulgence of confidential information, manipulation of documents or data; and other irregularities or misconduct.

In any case, we thoroughly protect the contents of the report and the identity of the informant for the informant to report with confidence, and we will do our best to handle it as soon as possible.

Report type

- When receiving honoraria from a stakeholder
- Lack of transparency in supplier selection
- Misuse and abuse of company assets
- Improper investment in customers
- Double employment of employees
- Divulgence of company information
- Other moral hazards
- Sexual harassment
- Workplace bullying

Report to
Postal address

Kakao Brain Ethical Management Team
12F, 152 Alpha Dome Tower, Pangyo Station-ro, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Ethical Guidelines for Receiving Gifts and Entertainment

Kakao Brain employees and their family members shall not receive any money or entertainment that may cause a conflict of interest, and competitors, customers, and other business partners shall not offer money or entertainment.

In principle, the gift or money received shall be returned without delay. Gifts or money that has already been received shall be returned to the Culture Team for further guidance.

Kakao Brain employees shall not solicit gifts, honoraria, or business favors for the benefit of themselves and their family or acquaintances, and problems may arise in the case of the following.

- Where a stakeholder provides meals, entertainment, etc. to Kakao Brain employees
- Where a stakeholder provides money or a wreath for congratulations or condolences to Kakao Brain employees
- Where a stakeholder provides lecture fees, meals, and performance tickets to Kakao Brain employees in the name of training, company retreat, cultural event, etc.
- Where a stakeholder accompanies a Kakao Brain employee for the purpose of business and provides convenience such as vehicle, accommodation, and tour guide
- Where a stakeholder provides convenience to Kakao Brain employees in a way such as giving a gift or special discount